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Arlen Keller, Founder and President, Food Safety and Quality ConsultantsArlen Keller, Founder and President
From small to large corporations, every segment of today’s global food industry follows some degree of food safety. While the impact of food safety practices can vary, their impact to the F&B landscape remains paramount to market success and long-term viability. This is why F&B organizations strive to comply with food safety regulations. However, even after establishing a compliance infrastructure, many companies fail to instill a food safety culture.

With over four-decades of expertise in the F&B arena, Food Safety and Quality Consultants (FSQC) bridges this gap through their comprehensive line of food safety consulting, training, and auditing services. Understanding food safety culture can be difficult. FSQC helps their clients define food safety culture for their operations. Based on this defined identity, FSQC helps the client develop a benchmark and implement a food safety culture plan. “Clients are looking for help with some of the new concepts in food safety, such as establishing a food safety culture.” says Arlen Keller, founder and president of FSQC. “Our approach is to help the company build a food safety culture plan so that they understand what they’re embarking on, and it starts with creating a definition of what food safety culture means for that particular company.” FSQC uses the company’s definition of food safety culture to benchmark where they currently stand. “Once you have a benchmark, you can start implementing tools and activities to address the things where you might have shortcomings.” adds Keller.
One of the big stumbling-blocks to food safety culture is failure to integrate the food safety management system into the company’s overall business management systems. Food safety culture requires that food safety management be an intricate part of a company’s business management systems. When it’s not, food safety culture suffers. “We help them find ways to build food safety management into their business management system, so food safety continues to happen on a day in and day out basis.”explains Keller. Part of food safety culture is training. FSQC offers comprehensive and affordable training in FSMAPCQI, HACCP, GFSI, and other food safety and quality programs for all levels of the organization. These training courses are offered as public seminars and private training opportunities, all conveniently delivered via online platforms and in-person. The company’s consulting services portfolio is designed to not only help F&B firms meet their food safety and quality goals but exceed them. FSQC offers the best-suited tools to mitigate inefficiencies and drive the creation of an audit-ready food safety infrastructure.

With such strong core competencies, FSQC has ignited many success stories where it has aided F&B organizations in developing an influential, flexible, and long-standing food safety culture. As one of FSQC’s clients put it “FSQC provided the necessary guidance, knowledge, and expertise required to successfully design and implement a full Quality and Food Safety Program. Our organization faced unique challenges in culture adjustment and training. FSQC prepared our management team for these challenges and educated our organization on key principles to embrace in order to be successful in our endeavor.”
  • Our approach is to help the company build a food safety culture plan so that they understand what they’re embarking on, and it starts with creating a definition of what food safety culture means for that particular company

At the heart of this success is the company’s ability to support its clients in developing a food safety management system that perfectly align with their unique goals and objectives. In a marketplace where businesses are often heavily reliant on consulting partners, FSQC wants to be a company that makes its clients self-sustaining in the development, management, and long-term maintenance of their food safety culture.

Food Safety and Quality Consultants

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Arlen Keller, Founder and President

Food Safety and Quality Consultants, LLC (FSQC) offers a complete line of consulting, auditing, and training services. FSQC Founder and President, Arlen Keller, has over 40 years experience in the Food and Beverage Industry and is committed to providing practical solutions to your food safety and quality management needs

Food Safety and Quality Consultants
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