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Brandon Hernandez, Co-Founder, Whole Brain ConsultingBrandon Hernandez, Co-Founder
The pandemic has driven the entire food industry into a bout of turmoil. Many renowned food brands have started to focus on supply chain diversification by resorting to secondary and tertiary suppliers. While doing so, they need to rightly vet their supply chains to adhere to ever-changing food safety regulations. Unfortunately, the measures they take are often far from optimum, and brands continue to incur considerable losses. The situation necessitates businesses to find the right partner who not only has all the answers for food safetyrelated concerns but also understands the complex regulatory requirements, including the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).

This is where Whole Brain Consulting steps in. The company provides clients with a plethora of services, including contract manufacturer sourcing, food safety and quality assurance, supply chain and logistics, to name a few. “With a focus on food safety, our mission is toensure that a client’s supply chain provides them resources of the best quality,” says Brandon Hernandez, Co-founder of Whole Brain.

Whole Brain evaluates its clients’ facilities and supply chain, points out the issues that hamper their performance and suggests ways to improve them. While inspecting a client’s facility, the company first learns its GAPs as it relates to their food production to understand all the critical regulations, ingredients and the resources required to maintain the original flavor and taste or why they may have issues in repeatability of experience from the line.
During that phase of the assessment, the WBC works with the client to evaluate all their external partnerships to include raw materials and packaging.

During the entire process, Whole Brain considers the point of view of every staff member to create the most efficient food safety program possible for maximum “buy in” from all manufacturing stakeholders. Finally, the team informs clients about any existing anomalies and suggests ways to rectify them. “We modify clients’ food production facilitiesto find them the most efficient path to regulatory and 3rd party requirements. We often find that stakeholder buy in is the key element in creating a food safety environment everyone can get behind,” says Brandon.Further, Whole Brain always encourages its clients to implement a Root Cause Analysis (RCA) method, be it Five Whys or Fishbone analysis, to find the reason for their poor performance and improve their product quality and eliminate issues.

Whole Brain also helps its clients carry out proper sanitation practices in their facilities. In one instance, while visiting a hot fill facility, Whole Brain’s initial inspection revealed that the client was having outdated sanitation practices that weren’t changed for more than a decade. As a result, their product had a higher microbe count at the beginning of every shift. Whole Brain helped the client by utilizing a cold flushand rinse protocol, which considerably lowered the microbe count. After altering the protocol, the company was able to significantly reduce the source of microbe growth, improving the hot fill’s performance.

Whole Brain comprehensive services are rightly backed by a team of industry experts. Having extensive experience in the food industry, the team understands the challenges that clients face and design best-in-class solutions. “It’s one thing to say we have best in class caliber of people, and it’s another thing to be able to prove it. I think that we prove it every day and will be doing it well into the future,” Brandon mentions. Whole Brain also believes in maintaining a great work environment and providing everyone the equal opportunity to grow, which ensures a higher employee retention rate.
  • With A Focus On Food Safety, Our Mission Is To Ensure That A Client’s Supply Chain Provides Them Resources Of The Best Quality

Going forward, Whole Brain aspires to provide services to the TTB/alcohol, CBD, and THC markets. The company has already started giving supply chain, and QA/QC services to a few players in this space and plans to expand it in the years to come.

Whole Brain Consulting

Chicago, IL

Brandon Hernandez, Co-Founder

Whole Brain is a Food Safety solution provider that inspects its client’s facilities and supply chain, points out the issues that hamper their performance, and suggests ways to improve them and achieve max performance

Whole Brain Consulting
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