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Severin Weiss, CEO, SpecPageSeverin Weiss, CEO
Food safety and consumer confidence are becoming the highest priorities for stakeholders across the food manufacturing, services, and supply chains. As such, customers and food safety authorities are setting new expectations and demanding significant improvements across the products they purchase, consume, and regulate. Regulatory compliance for food and beverage manufacturers, on the other hand, has become exceedingly stringent, particularly for global organizations. Against this backdrop, food and beverage manufacturers struggle to strike a balance between ensuring food safety and maximizing productivity, while maintaining supply chain transparency, traceability, and compliance.

Assisting recipe-based manufacturers in the food and beverage industry with the growing challenges is SpecPage—a global leader in innovative, enhanced digital solutions in the food and beverage industry. SpecPage has set a benchmark as the only product lifecycle management (PLM) and product data management (PDM) process solution vendor uniquely dedicated to food and beverage manufacturers.
Severin Weiss, the CEO of SpecPage, emphasizes, “We offer our application and solutions to the professionals/manufacturers in the food and beverage industry, who are also consumers on the other side. Both consumers and professionals focus on the value of transparency, traceability, and compliance from the farm to fork. This is what we help them with.”

Delivering state-of-the-art end-to-end Product Data and Lifecycle Management solutions, SpecPage supports the product specification and formulation process for maximizing ROI. SpecPage’s product lifecycle suite is a modular solution comprising up to 18 modules, which empowers professionals with complete traceability and transparency across the food supply chain. The company’s solution suite includes a supply chain portal that helps in interacting and capturing end-to-end information from the supplier and the data about the products directly from the farm. This information is fed into the production process such that manufacturers have full traceability of the ingredients and specifications along with any possible continuance or other chains. With the master data information in the system, SpecPage’s solution manages the formula and ensures that the products are compliant and contain up-to-date and accurate information when brought to the market.

SpecPage’s pre-configured, standardized, out-of-the-box, enhanced PLM solution accelerates time-to-market for clients, reduces trial for the predictive formulation, increases revenue and return on investment, and is ready to use from day one. “We are the only enterprise PLM solution provider dedicated and focused on the food and beverage industry,” emphasizes Weiss. In terms of compliance, SpecPages’s regulatory compliance solution allows clients to access regulatory information on their fingertips from more than 210 countries in real time. This equips clients with the opportunity to have a compliant product not only in the local US market or in Canada but also in case of exports and military food services. SpecPage extends its offering to military food service companies that need to be compliant with the regulations of the territory in which a product is consumed.

SpecPage has served eminent companies like Subway, Dominos, Ingredion Incorporated, Koch Foods, McCain, Lindt Chocolates and more. In an instance, SpecPage assisted a global leading food product manufacturer to review its requirements for product specification management and governance for enabling and enhancing the overall supply chain traceability. The manufacturer needed to ensure the required levels of certifications across its supply networks and extend the scope for electronic specification management spanning suppliers to manufacturers. SpecPage deployed its modular solutions—SpecPDM (recipe and specification management), Supplier’s Guide (Supplier Collaboration Portal) and SAP GTIN-Connector (for GDSN publication). As a result, the client achieved reinforced quality across all stages of the supply chain, a harmonized information system of record for specifications and ingredients across multiple countries, single-version-of-truth repositories for food-related specifications, declarations and datasets, and optimized food incidents reporting and root cause analysis.

As the industry increasingly shifts toward digitalization from excel and paper-based processes, SpecPage is poised to mark its prominence with its cloud- and subscription-based solution.
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