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Top 10 Food Safety Services Companies - 2020

Foodborne diseases are expensive and damaging for restaurants. Having a foodborne illness incident or outbreak will cost considerable money — including decreased income, hefty legal costs, possible litigation, reduced profits from visitors afraid to visit the restaurant or store, and a ruined reputation that could shut their doors permanently. Food processors and manufacturers should pay minute attention to safety in order to reduce the chances of foodborne illness and increase shelf life. Food protection should be a part of the culture of any company.

Today, the health issues of the industry are not entirely altruistic. Food processors and the farmers and ranchers who raise the food are well aware of the expense of food reminiscences in terms of financial and public relations, as well as the fear and anxiety they cause customers. With the growth of automated processing and packaging equipment, along with smart technology, companies are able to handle food safety more effectively and meet quality standards. It saves them time and money while keeping their brand identity intact.

Food and Beverages Tech Review has compiled a list of leading food safety service providers to help businesses who are struggling to update their processes and develop new ones to improve food manufacturing safety. These organizations’ technological solutions can help build food safety protocols and make it quicker, more accurate, and more efficient to manage inventory, auditing, training, and keeping food safe. We hope this edition of the Food and Beverages Tech Review will help you develop the relationship for a healthy future that you and your company need to foster.

We present to you Food and Beverages Tech Reviews’ “Top 10 Food Safety Services Companies - 2020.”

    Top Food Safety Services Companies

  • Chromatic Technologies offers an array of printing and packaging solutions driven by innovative inks used across industries and applications such as food safety, medical, security, and many more. The company is an innovation engine that helps brands grow by improving lives through chemistry that alerts, protects, and surprises. CTI’s technology enables every brand to design a consumer experience anchored in a brand’s positioning. The company is established across 55 countries with 200 glocal packaging converters

  • D. L. Newslow & Associates, Inc. offers Food Safety Training Workshops and Quality Management Consulting and Auditing Services. The company was founded in 1997 by Debby Newslow. The company employs Instructors who are experts in various areas of Food Safety and Quality Assurance. Workshops include group studies and interaction between peers and instructors in a small group setting. Some of the workshops offered include HACCP Plan Development and Advanced HACCP approved by IHA, Internal Auditing, HACCP Prerequisite Programs, FSMA-Preventive Controls for Human & Animal Food (PCQI Certification), Foreign Supplier Verification (FSVP), CAPA & Root Cause Analysis, Certified Food Safety Manager, FSSC 22000, SQF, BRC, and other ISO standards

  • Food Safety and Quality Consultants (FSQC), is a professional full-service food safety and quality consulting firm that helps organizations by offering a full line of consulting, auditing, and training services to meet the safety and quality standards mandated by industry or federal and state agencies. Arlen Keller, founder and President of the company leverages his more than four decades of experience in the food and beverage industry to provide practical solutions to meet clients' needs

  • FoodChain ID is a technical administrator for the Non-GMO Project. FoodChain ID administers the product verification program, assisting companies in obtaining the Non-GMO Project's Butterfly label for their products. FoodChain ID has verified over 50,000 non-GMO products – the vast majority of the North American market – for thousands of brands, producers, retailers, co-packing and manufacturing companies, livestock producers, crop producers, small businesses, and importers and distributors of internationally traded brands

  • Anitox Corp

    Anitox Corp

    Anitox is a privately owned and operated company established worldwide, with a mission to partner with the world’s food producers to develop and deliver innovative programs to produce safer food efficiently. With these goals upfront, the company has grown its commercial and engineering teams to support 355 installations of patented application technology globally in the feed sector alone. Each is permanently and professionally installed and supported with levels of engineering excellence unparalleled in this industry

  • Etna


    Etna is a consultancy with the purpose of helping food and beverage businesses advance in the areas of food safety, quality, and regulatory affairs. The company applies the best available science and proven management systems to crucial regions of food safety and quality to assist with compliance and reduce risk. Typical client results include hazard and loss avoidance, less downtime pending regulatory or customer approvals, and better going-to-market decisions

  • Food Safety Net Services

    Food Safety Net Services

    Food Safety Net Services is a coast-to-coast network of ISO-accredited laboratories that provide food safety and quality programs for multiple industry clients, including meat, produce, nutraceuticals, eggs, confection, and dairy. By providing microbiological and chemical testing as well as cutting edge industry research, consulting, and education, FSNS is considered to be the industry leader. With laboratory facilities in San Antonio, Amarillo, Atlanta, Boise, Columbus, Dallas, Fresno, Green Bay, Los Angeles, Phoenix, the company continues its tremendous growth pattern

  • Matrix Sciences

    Matrix Sciences

    Matrix Sciences is a leader in the food safety market that uniquely fulfills the need for a full-service solution provider that provides unparalleled support for food safety and business decisions. Matrix Sciences brings together the expertise, resources and support needed to partner with food manufacturers, providing them with the information they require to make informed decisions with confidence, and the production of safe, quality food for consumers. The company focuses on timely, clear, and concise communication so that customers have the information they need to make critical decisions

  • Registrar Corp

    Registrar Corp

    Registrar Corp provides U.S. FDA registration, U.S. agent, and regulatory compliance assistance for U.S. and non-U.S. companies in the food and beverage, medical device, drug, cosmetics, and radiation-emitting device industries. Registrar Corp provides expert service in 19 different languages, 24 hours per day, seven days per week. Registrar Corp was founded in 2003 to assist businesses with compliance with U.S. Food and Drug Administration (U.S. FDA) regulations. Since opening its headquarters in Hampton, Virginia, USA, Registrar Corp has expanded to nineteen international offices and has aided more than 20,000 companies across 150 countries

  • The Acheson Group

    The Acheson Group

    The Acheson Group (TAG) is a global consulting company comprised of food safety experts with in-depth expertise and real-world experience. Providing best practices and regulatory guidance for companies worldwide and throughout the food supply chain ( from farm to fork), TAG helps the company's clients improve operational efficiencies, mitigate risks, and protect their brand more effectively. Since its founding in 2013, TAG has built a strong reputation and is proud to have helped thousands of organizations achieve better results in the food industry

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