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Top 10 Food Safety Tech Companies - 2019

Food safety concerns have existed for as long as humans have been eating and drinking, but only in the last few decades has the industry seen such a monumental transformation of efforts to protect the public from unsafe products. Food safety has its focus on reducing the risk of unintentional contamination in the food supply, be it natural, accidental, a result of negligence or violation of food safety principles due to technical ignorance. That’s why food safety technology has become as critical to manufacturers as the ingredients they use to produce goods. Without it, no company is equipped to deliver safe food products, meet stringent government regulations and uphold the kind of positive brand reputation that’s required for business success.

Consumers want visibility into the handling of their foods, and the government demands transparency into contamination prevention and remediation efforts. Therefore, traceability in the supply chain is paramount. Speaking of transparency and visibility, some of the newest advancements in food safety have to do with technology designed to improve the packaging of foods. For instance, QR codes are giving consumers the ability to scan and link to web pages with detailed information on everything from the field in which their food was harvested to the final stages of packaging and labeling. IoT devices and connected technologies like wireless temperature sensors, video cameras, and automated data management systems have forged a path to predictive analytics. Every opportunity for connectivity and communication presents a critical, valuable data point that can be leveraged to implement more proactive measures for food safety. The compelling use-case for blockchain technology is that it gives organizations the ability to record and secure arbitrary and disparate kinds of data. Food safety is poised to benefit from this new method of data management. The rise of the industrial internet of things has helped prompt widespread innovation in sensor technologies that accurately and consistently capture and communicate data. Advances in networking, storage, and processing have created a mass market for sensors delivering real-time data from across the food supply chain.

Technology is elevating food safety practices and protocols and will help reduce or eliminate food safety incidents and outbreaks in the future. Technological solutions enhance food safety protocols and make it faster, more accurate, and more efficient to conduct inventory, auditing, training and keep food safe. However, a major challenge will be getting food businesses to adopt these tech tools. Often, food business owners are worried about the cost and implementation of tech solutions, fearing that they’ll be too expensive and/or complex for them to manage. The expense, time and energy necessary to implement—or elevate—an organization’s food safety protocols won’t be overwhelming, and it’s crucial to a business’ success. Investing in technology is something that all food businesses should do to help boost the health and safety of their establishments.

To assist CIOs in identifying the most reliable companies to partner with, a distinguished panel consisting of CEOs, CIOs, analysts, and Food and Beverages Tech Review ’s editorial board has assessed and shortlisted some of the most prominent organizations in the industry. We present to you – “Top 10 Food Safety Tech Solution Providers – 2019”.

    Top Food Safety Tech Companies

  • digi thermo is a reliable and cost-effective solution designed to solve your most important food safety and operational challenges. This system provides a fully automated real-time monitoring solution that combines data collected from smart sensors and digital checklists with an intelligent web dashboard. The results are 24/7 delivery of actionable insights that drive food safety compliance, employee productivity, and quality control.Provides a smart food safety monitoring platform built on machine learning and LoRaWAN technology to help food service companies reduce inventory loss

  • FCID provides expertise and technology-enabled services that support the production and distribution of safe, ethical and sustainable food

  • IQMS offers a comprehensive, industry-specific ERP and MES solution connecting every single aspect of a business, from human resources and financial management to warehouse control and quality assurance. In IQMS’ comprehensive solution, all the data—from systems and Internet of Things sensors on the shop floor to the back office—is managed by the same embedded Oracle database. This enables manufacturing enterprises to take a streamlined approach to centralizing activity across the supply chain and ensuring that complete, accurate information is available to all authorized users at all times

  • Lightning Technologies has engineered an innovative, hybrid, composite pallet for a lighter, more durable design that can match the expectations of changing, more demanding customer requirements. In addition to advances in pallet design, proprietary coating, and manufacturing processes developed by Lightning Technologies, each Lightning Pallet comes equipped with Lightning’s state-of-the-art Lightning Intelligent Module track-and-trace technology. Lightning Technologies' pallets provide sanitizable surfaces and, using the embedded Lightning Intelligent Module active IoT Sensing technology, ensure temperature and location monitoring. The company has also designed a proprietary process to robotically encapsulate the shipping platform structure at high velocity

  • Quality Circle International provides a wide gamut of solutions for food safety. These products range from training, consulting, and first and second party audit solutions in food safety management system (FSMS), quality management system (QMS) and environmental management system (EMS). Quality Circle International eliminates paper-based trails by providing smart tools to facilitate the implementation and maintenance of management standards through a paperless, web-based platform. Quality Circle International provides verification tools to help maintain previously implemented systems that are crucial for the food industry to maintain best practices

  • Assisting small farmers in carrying out sustainable agriculture, SourceTrace helps the end consumer trace the origin of the food that is about to land on the plates, making the food cycle more transparent and sustainable. The firm helps the end consumer access intricate details about the product, such as the name of the farmer, location, farming certification, and type of farm or forestland—all on a single QR code. The solution also shows the different processes that the food has gone through, adding a significant amount of transparency pertaining to the product

  • SpecPage is a global leader in innovative, enhanced digital solutions in the food and beverage industry. The company has set a benchmark as the only product lifecycle management (PLM) and product data management (PDM) process solution vendor uniquely dedicated to food and beverage manufacturers. Delivering state-of-the-art end-to-end Product Data and Lifecycle Management solutions, SpecPage supports the product specification and formulation process for maximizing ROI and helps both consumers and professionals focus on the value of transparency, traceability, and compliance from the farm to fork. Evidently, SpecPage is poised to mark its prominence in the food and beverage industry with its cloud- and subscription-based solution

  • A food safety tech solution provider, TransAct Technologies has launched a new platform to help restaurants digitize and automate their back-of-house operations. The new platform titled BOHA!™ is an ecosystem of apps and hardware that work together to help restaurants tackle pain points such as rising labor costs, employee turnover, food safety, and quality of food. Besides offering apps such for Food Prep, Service, Food Recall, Temp, and Timer, the BOHA! suite of hardware includes the BOHA! Terminal, BOHA! Handheld, BOHA! Sensor, and BOHA! Gateway. All the hardware and software is purpose-built to handle the rigors of commercial kitchen environments

  • ComplianceMate


    The ComplianceMate Restaurant Management System is specifically intended for "Back of the House"​ operations. In essence, we automate your Brand's processes within a restaurant- those functions currently being handled by notebooks and clipboardsTheir focus is to provide real time monitoring of equipment and Standard Operating Processes within a restaurant operation. Including, but not limited to, temperature monitoring, HACCP control, real time reporting/ list completion and remote management using today's technology and friendly graphics to interface with the user

  • LexaGene


    LexaGene’s technology aims to transform the way organizations prevent and diagnose disease in multi-billion dollar markets such as food safety, vet diagnostics, aquaculture pathogen surveillance, water quality monitoring, and more.LexaGene (OTCQB:LXXGF - TSX.V:LXG) is a biotechnology company developing an open-access, fully automated pathogen detection platform featuring unprecedented speed and sensitivity.LexaGene’s experienced leadership team is driving company growth with a focus on innovation, pursuing unique market opportunities, and providing shareholder value

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